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Our aim at WEEE IT; to provide a simple, secure and cost effective recycling solution for all your company’s redundant or unwanted IT and electronic equipment.

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Recycling with Weee IT is a simple secure process, we are a registered with the Envoirment Agency and hold a Waste Transfer Licence.

All our staff are friendly and competent in their duties to help you get the best service possible for your company.

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We have used WeeeIT services for our IT recycling and found the service to be top class. They prove to be very reliable, cost effective, professional and thorough. The collection staff are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. All equipment is logged and professionally presented back to us. I would highly recommend them to any company for all their IT recycling requirements.
WeeeIT have proved to be a very effective service to use who are professional and thorough. The collection staff are friendly and very reliable, more often than not agreeing to arrange collections at short notice. All recycled equipment is logged and professionally presented back to us to keep for our records. I always recommend them to friends and colleagues for all of their IT recycling requirements.
James Hamilton, IT Manager.
James Hamilton, IT Manager.
Wright Hassall solicitors

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