4mm On Site Hard Drive Shredding Service

4mm On Site Hard Drive Shredding Service

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Weee IT can now offer customers onsite hard drive shredding down to 4mm particles. The Hard Drive Shredding service provides you with the confidence that data is safely destroyed on your site. This small particle size of 4mm meets the stringent requirements of most government departments around the world and complies with the Secure Destruction of Confidential Materials BS EN 15713:2009 code of practice. WeeeIT have gained a reputation for providing On-Site IT Asset Disposal Management to all types of organisations. Our secure on-site data destruction and asset remarketing meet the standards laid out by from bodies such as CESG and Ministry of Defence.

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Computer hard drive destruction on-site eliminates the risk of data getting into the wrong hands. Secure On-Site Data Destruction is vital to any company that does not want to compromise its business. The Hard Drive & Data Tape Shredding service is crucial for any company or organisation that require data to be destroyed on site. The hard drive shredder can also shred other forms of media including cd's dvd's, LTO, Ultrium tapes. Data Tape shredding on-site is highly important due to the amount of data that can be stored on such media.
Other than Hard Drive Shredding, the 4mm Shredder will destroy the following IT Equipment:

• Credit/Debit Cards

• Computer Backup Tapes

• Video/Audio tapes

• Security tapes

• Mobile phones

• Badges

• ID Cards
• DAT/DLT tapes

• CDs/DVDs

• Thumb Drives

• Flash Drives

• USB Sticks

• PDA's

• Floppy and Zip Disks
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