Recycling Process

Recycling Process

Evaluation of Equipment

Before we begin the process of recycling we first need to evaluate the equipment and logistics of removal. We can offer all our customers a Free onsite evaluation service if required.

Dedicated Collections

We offer secure nationwide dedicated collections, from both small office clearances up to large multi-site blue chip clients. Our trained staff will log your equipment and a waste transfer note will be issued. Please view our Waste Transfer Licence.

Asset Management

Most companies will want to ensure that equipment sent for recycling or disposal matches their asset register and audit trail. A full asset list will be compiled of all equipment collected from which you can download or view using our ONLINE ASSET MANAGEMENT LOGIN SERVICE. The list will detail asset number, make and model, specification, working condition, sales avenue, disk erasure process. Please view example Asset List Report.

Secure Blancco Disk Erasure Service

Data sensitivity is our number one priority which is why we use Blancco. Blancco is a government approved Data Erasure software package. All hard disks are wiped to CESG standards. We provide a signed Data Erasure report detailing each drives serial number. This can be downloaded or viewed from our customer login page. Any drives found faulty that cannot be erased are crushed and destroyed manually.