Computer Recycling

Computer Recycling

Asset Evaluation

Our flexible approach enables us to assess our customers' requirements on a case-by-case basis and thus provide an accurate and fair cost prior to a project being undertaken. We will require an asset inventory detailing approximate specification and quantities of equipment to be retired. From this list we will advise as to whether there is any residual value in the equipment, which will be used to offset associated recycle costs. In the event that there is little or no residual value, WeeeIT will simply raise an invoice for the difference and subject to the customer's authorization, complete the disposal.


We offer secure nationwide dedicated collections, from both small office clearances up to large multi-site blue chip clients. On the day of collection we provide both a Duty of Care Transfer Note, which have to be signed by both the customer and WeeeIT representative. All liabilities are passed to WeeeIT at this point.. We will collect equipment from any mainland UK location at a pre agreed time that suits you. Every collection is returned to our processing centre same day.

Asset Reporting

Most companies will want to ensure that equipment sent for recycling or disposal matches their asset register and audit trail. A full asset list will be compiled of all equipment collected, the list will detail asset number, make and model, specification, working condition, sales avenue and data removal process. Please view example Asset List Report.

Patment back to you

Transfer of ownership and responsibility to WEEE IT is made on collection from customers site. To offset the collection, disposal, recycle and Data removal costs we always try to re-sell / recycle equipment for re-use back into the relevant trade streams. All equipment is valued on specification, working condition and current market value.